Imagine Earth

This is a free world simulation in a realtime 3D environment. You are up to raise civilizations on virtual planets while trying not to destroy their climate and living conditions.

Experimental World Simulation | 3D interactive for PC | 4 images | project website

Development is ongoing for serveral years now, the game has allready been awarded with the „serious games award“ and the „levelup award“. For further information about this Game-Project or a playable demo please check

To master the puzzle of growing consumption and pollution you should do research to upgrade the production of resources. Achieving a balance between growth and sustainability is the final challenge for every civilzation. And so it is for our staff, welcome on board at “Imagine Earth Ltd.”


Populate your Planet

This is the shortest job description ever: Get as many people onto each planet as possible. Why? Because it maximizes the companies profit!
Supply Food, Energy & Goods

Your people are hungry little consumers and wont pay you taxes until you fulfill their needs. You better start building Farms, Power Plants and Industrial Parks. Upgrade old technologies and develop new ones..


Deal with Catastrophes

Twisters, rising sea level, wildfires… Looks like the Global Warming caused by your civilization is having side effects that are bad for business. Carelessly acting world managers become their own enemies.
Placement Puzzle

The productivity of a building is affected by the various ground types on the planet and bad influences of neighbours, the constructions integrity and the local pollution. Try to find the perfect place!


Choose your Technologies

Over 25 constructs and 50 upgrades with different advantages, influences and side effects. Find your individual style of growing a healthy civilization.
Experience a great Story

Or at least a funny one.. based on a true story.. in a way. But seriously, we believe in creating a game that succeeds in bringing the biggest problem of modern society into a thrilling and encouraging gameplay and an evocative ironic setting.