Artificial Answers

Short animation film | HD, 6:00 min | 2020

An animated speculation on whether and how artificial intelligence could answer existential questions of humanity.

The short film stages a search engine environment and the AI questioned in the plot gives its answers in the form of collages from documents, images, sounds and quotations from well-known philosophers and historical intellectuals. The real question remains whether machine learning can succeed in linking these many coherent and conflicting fragments on the meta-level into a new guiding principle that is able to answer the agonizing questions of our time.

This digital work was created in collaboration of Cat Scott (UK), Smruthi Gargi Eswar (IN) & Jens Isensee (GER) during the CoLab TechArt Fellowship 2020 with Jaaga, British Council India, Goethe Insitute Bangalore and was supported by Islington Mill.

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Reality Glasses

Video installation  |  carton, acrylic, hardware
0,6 × 0,7 × 0,5 m  |  2021

„Reality-Glasses“ is a 5:05 minute essayistic short film about how humans created their own realities ever since. It can be viewed only on a specially constructed headset made of cardboard and acrylic lacquer with hardware components. | Read more…

Too Much

experimental animation | 2017 | 8:13 min | 1 trailer | 7 images | 411 word | Read more…


experimental animation | 2014 | 14:13 min | 3 images | 101 words | Read more…

Neo Kuben

‘Neo Cubes’  |  Land art, series of objects  |  1 – 2 m³  |  2013

A short film for a documentary presentation of a series of sculptures. As the cubes pictured suggest, the artist was keen to transplant these everyday basic square shapes into a completely atypical environment full of organic, flowing shapes. As an embodiment of structure and uniformity, the cubes pose a stark contrast to their environment. The camera carries out captivating, concentrated circular movements around the cubes.

Music: Bach’s Open Goldberg Variations, by Kimiko Ishizaka | Read more…


Paper cuttings, historical world maps, acrylic glass panels |  2.4 × 1.2 m  |  2011 | Read more…