VM – Virtual Materialism

In this interactive video installation up to 4 viewers are confronted with a virtual recreation of themselves out of objects and stuff, like becoming an interactive ready-made piece of art. In this way embodied by things, everyone is collecting coins that appear out of thin air to sustain themselves. The Win-Loose-Loop continues endlessly while the masks on the figures in the virtual mirror recite an acoustic collage of text fragments from the essay ’The Imaginary‘. It’s an early book by Jean-Paul Sartre which is a phenomenological study of human imagination. In it, Sartre distinguishes between perception and imagination. The recipients could listen to the speakers, but the temptation to get lost in the spectacle is enormous. Also the exhibition environment will be reconstructed in 3D to condense the impression of a reflection in this site-specific installation.

This project is a cooperation of Rico Possienka and Jens Isensee. The installation is made with Kinect Sensor and Unity 3D and an ultra short distance projector connected to PC rendering hardware.


  • Meta, Solo Exhibition, Kunsthaus Braunschweig, Dec 12 – Jan 21
  • A Maze Game Festival, Berlin 2019, April 10 – 14
  • E-DentIty, Kein Museum, Zürich, Switzerland, May 10 – 12

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